Et de un !!

And one!!

Biopaille brings water to Samba Diallo


On the one hand, there is Biopaille and Louis Durbesson, known as Durb, its founder. On the other, Vie sans Frontières and Fred Guénon, its big-hearted president... They met by chance, but their union was inevitable! Because Biopaille has long wanted to be associated with a noble cause, and the one defended by Vie sans frontières is one of them.

A human-sized structure wishing to get involved in the ecological fight, Biopaille fights these little pieces of plastic which pollute so much by allowing Coke fans or cocktail enthusiasts to use organic straws whose impact on ecology is close from Zero.

La Durb has convictions, the desire to be quickly useful and to see the benefits of its actions instantly. Biopaille also has principles, including helping people in need. And in Samba Diallo, the need is water, because water is life ! So this small destitute village, deep in the bush, 200 km from Dakar, will have its well on which the children will be able to paint the inscription Biopaille with their hands.

A vital humanitarian action, made possible thanks to its partnership with Vie sans frontières and its president, Fred Guénon, who has been building wells in Senegal since 2009 and facilitating access to drinking water for several thousand destitute people who live on isolated lands.

In addition to fewer kilometers to walk for residents and daily access to drinking water, these wells make it possible to irrigate the villagers' lands and to cultivate and harvest fresh vegetables, considerably improving the lives and economy of the community. these villages.

So today it is time for Biopaille to put on the heating blue and to call on its two exceptional sponsors, themselves from Africa. For Teddy Thomas and Gaël Fickou, both internationals and the future of French rugby, it is undoubtedly time to take up the torch from Daniel Balavoine on the Dakar track...



Laurent Baluc-Rittener