Biopaille, biodegradable, ecological and responsible straw!

Putting an end to the scourge that plastic represents for the survival and quality of our ecosystems has become a priority. It is by creating ecological and sustainable alternatives to the use of plastic materials generally from the oil industry and vector of millions of tonnes of waste dumped into our environment, that we will succeed in leaving a better future to future generations.

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Manufactured in our own factory


An ecological vision

Biopaille is the story of a young rugby player in the process of retraining, who leaves to travel to South America and finds himself confronted with many ecological realities. Through a journey that will take him from Brazil to Colombia via Mexico, he realizes the overall ecological impact, and more particularly that of this small piece of plastic, commonly called: “the straw”. .

His trip ends in California, the largest of the American states, where quality of life rhymes with ecological awareness. There he realizes that there are alternatives to plastic straws and decides to put in place an “alternative solution of biodegradable straws”, as suggested in the June 2018 bill.

Our company continually strives to find new solutions to make Biopaille an example of eco-responsibility.


Whether you wish to comply with regulations or commit to a more virtuous environmental approach, choosing eco-responsible straw made from natural plant fibers means transmitting a rewarding brand image for your establishment and it is a bet on the future. Biopaille, wholesale supplier of biodegradable straws for cafes, restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars and other nightclubs , supports all professionals in this obligation of ecological transition which requires us to abolish the behaviors of the past by consuming more responsibly.

Why choose Biopaille ecological straw?

Complete manufacturing in our factory, an online sales site reserved for professionals, a 100% biodegradable natural fiber straw , competitive prices, free short-circuit delivery, there is no shortage of reasons to choose our organic straw ! But if you are not convinced, here are the many other advantages of our ecological straw :
  • Great robustness and perfect durability which allows you to enjoy your drink throughout the evening. Contrary to popular belief, the natural fiber straw does not easily moisten upon contact with liquid and remains rigid for a sufficient period of time to maintain optimal comfort of use.
  • A healthy product! No more putting plastic straws that carry pollutants and endocrine disruptors into your mouth . The 100% natural composition of organic straw allows use that respects the health of your customers.
  • An accessory that you can personalize in the image of your establishment for rewarding communication and a high added value impact for your reputation.
  • Easy recycling. Organic straw is completely biodegradable. The natural fibers that compose it dissolve quickly without any danger to the environment.
  • A limited price , in particular through the possibility of purchasing in large packages, which reduces supply costs.
  • A wide variety of models available online for fast delivery after just a few clicks.

  • Now that you no longer doubt the benefit of offering your customers drinks with eco-responsible and biodegradable straws , all you have to do is order the models of your choice or opt for the personalization of organic straws to affix your logo or your brand name.