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Natural Cocktail Straws

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Made from corn flour, this biopolymer is 100% biosourced and 100% biodegradable.

Composts in an industrial environment according to standard EN13432.

certified reusable


-8mm diameter

-20 centimeters in length

-natural color (off-white)


-bags of 250 straws

-20 bags / carton

-box of 5,000 straws

Cocktail straws: an ecological and trendy alternative

Drinking cocktails in bars and parties is a real pleasure for many people. However, the plastic straws used to sip these drinks have harmful impacts on the environment. Today, there are more ecological and responsible alternatives such as cocktail straws made from corn flour. In this article, we present to you the advantages of these biodegradable and biosourced straws for your parties and professional establishments.

Problems with plastic straws

Plastic is an omnipresent material in our daily lives, particularly in the catering and cocktail industry. Plastic straws are particularly widespread and pose serious environmental problems:

  • They generate significant pollution because they take several hundred years to decompose in nature.
  • Plastic straws often end up in oceans, where they harm marine life. Many marine animals ingest this waste or become entangled in it, which can cause their death.
  • The production of plastic straws is also intensive in natural resources such as oil.

Faced with these alarming findings, it is becoming urgent to look for alternatives to plastic straws for sipping our favorite cocktails. This is where corn flour cocktail straws come in.

The advantages of biopolymer cocktail straws

Designed from a 100% biosourced and 100% biodegradable biopolymer, corn flour cocktail straws represent an ecological and responsible solution to plastic straws. Here are some of their advantages:

Reduced environmental impact

As they are 100% biodegradable , these straws decompose naturally without leaving harmful traces in the environment. In addition, their production requires fewer natural resources than plastic straws. By choosing these straws, you are contributing to the preservation of our planet.

An alternative suitable for professionals and individuals

Corn flour cocktail straws are suitable for professional establishments such as bars and restaurants as well as for individuals organizing parties or festive events. By choosing this option, you show your commitment to the environment and encourage your customers or guests to do the same.

A wide choice of colors and styles

These eco-friendly straws come in multiple colors and styles to suit all types of cocktails and decorations. You can find classic biopolymer cocktail straws, striped or with various patterns to brighten up your drinks and your table.

Optimal user comfort

Unlike some alternatives like paper straws, corn flour straws do not deteriorate quickly on contact with liquids. They therefore offer comfort of use similar to plastic straws while being environmentally friendly.

How to adopt ecological cocktail straws?

To switch to biopolymer cocktail straws, simply purchase these products from suppliers specializing in eco-friendly alternatives. Here are some tips for choosing your straws:

  1. Check that the straws are 100% biosourced and 100% biodegradable , to guarantee their low environmental impact.
  2. Opt for quality straws that are durable and pleasant to use. Do not hesitate to consult consumer reviews to help you in your choice.
  3. Choose straws adapted to your needs, in terms of size, color and style. Don't forget to take into account the aesthetics of your cocktails and your decoration.

In summary, cocktail straws made from corn flour constitute an ecological and responsible alternative to plastic straws. They make it possible to reduce the environmental impact of our consumption while offering similar comfort of use. Whether you are a catering professional or an individual concerned about the environment, do not hesitate to adopt these straws for your cocktails and encourage those around you to do the same.